Himalayan trek to Everest Base Camp p4

Doug and myself were awoken to the sound of a busy street below. Today is Sunday which means market day! All the local farmers and traders descend on the small town ofNamche to showcase their produce and the place has a real buzz about it.

After we had seen all the delights of the market we climbed out of the town onto a pass that heads around the back of the hill we climbed yesterday.

After about 45 minutes of trekking we were greeted to a magnificent view of the Dudh Kosi valley below, and we were able to make out one of the precarious footbridges we crossed two days ago. Shortly afterwards we saw the peak of Ama Dablam peeking out over the horizon. This mystical looking mountain will be at the forefront of the views for the coming days as we edge that little bit closer.

Onwards we trekked, up and down, up and down as the path round around the hill, we hit a small hamlet where we were treated to some delightful stories by an ageing trekker who had stopped to rest. This hamlet marked the start of our descent back down to the Dudh Kosi. This trek is like a rollercoaster constantly climbing or descending.

We met two very enthusiastic trekkers – Annie and Lilly, both from New York USA we all chatted as we descended. Eventually we reached the base of the hill and crossed the Dudh Kosi for Nth time this trek and shortly after we arrived at the peaceful village of Phunki Drengka We stopped for lunch as the two sisters ploughed on. I was ravenous so I ate a local favourite: Dal bhat, It wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever eaten, but I had to consider where I was.

Shortly after we had finished we began the daunting climb, zig zagging our way up the mountain, passing a military checkpoint. After for what seemed like a century I saw the perimeter of Tengboche marked by a colourful archway. I was delighted that the strenuous climb was now over.

We quickly found a place to stay for the night, dumped our bags and grabbed a bite to eat at the bakery attached. We then went to check out the Buddhist monostry here – reputed to be one the worlds highest (3800m) A monk welcomed us inside and as required, we removed our boots and gazed at the marvellous artwork inside. The smell of the burning incense despite smelling nice was overwhelming for me so I left after a short while. In the evening we sat around with fellow trekkers in a large common room heated by a large steel stove. Drinking lemon tea, playing cards with like-minded people. What a fantastic end to the day.

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