Himalayan trek to Everest Base Camp p5

Another early morning, up at the crack of dawn. The sky is a deep blue and the air is thin and crisp. There is not a cloud in the sky, the Himilayan view so magnificent I put off the trek for 30 minutes to do a spot of photography Mt Ama Dablamand admire the landscape.

We head north east from Tengboche descending a few hundred meters down to the village of Pangboche We stop for a quick bite before heading on, the landscape becoming increasingly barren as we climb. I nearly get knocked off a steep edge by a heard of yaks carrying produce – I must remember to let them pass on the outside!

We trek on for many miles, Ama Dablam is now within touching distance as we make our final ascent before coming to our resting place for the night: Dingboche I spend an hour exploring this little town which sits on a landscape that can only be described as lunar. I get an early night. It’s been a tough days climbing.

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