Himalayan trek to Everest Base Camp p6

Thump thump thump.. the feeling I got in my head as I woke up on this very cold morning. My splitting headache was a sign that I had mild altitude sickness. I decided to wait a few hours and see how I felt – if the headache persisted or got worse I would have to descend a few hundred meters. If it got better I would sleep in Dingboche rather than trekking onto Thukla which lies 300m higher.

I went for a short walk outside, it was bitterly cold and a water leak had frozen overnight, this was the first time I’d reached ice on this trip. I had a large bowl of heated oats and a jug of lemon tea for my breakfast. My headache was subsiding so me and Doug planned a trek to climb a peak that overlooks the village

After we’d found a route we set off on the 500m climb, it doesn’t sound too strenuous but remember were starting at an altitude of 4,375m so the air is very thin.

Eventually we reached the summit and we were treated to an amazing view of Ama Dablam and Nuptse which stands over 8,000m and is part of the Everest Massive. The remainder of the day was spent resting and playing cards – hopefully now well adapted for the trek upto Thukla tomorrow.

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