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Another sub-zero night in Dingboche, I’m glad I had this bottle of boiling water to keep me warm throughout the night as there is no heating in the dormitories here, the sun is hiding behind Ama Dablam and it is bitterly cold in the shade.

I eat some food and Doug and I set of towards our next destination: Thukla we climb part way up the hill that we ascended yesterday before heading back down the other side into a valley, the walking is easy as the terrain is relatively flat for about 5-6kms.

We soon reach Thukla suprised at how easy and quick it was to get there - it’s now only lunch time. We sit outside in the glorious sunshine, up at this altitude (4600m) the sun’s rays are pretty strong and it feels remarkably comfortable in a T-shirt. Just don’t go in the shade!

Myself and Doug ponder over what to do with the afternoon, whilst admiring the stunning views around us. I notice that it appears to be an easy climb upto the snowline on a mountain in the distance. Off we set, unaware of what lies ahead - no path, pure wilderness.

We reach the base of the mountain which is littered with moraine from the glacier above, the boulders, some of them the sizes of houses sit precariously on the scree slopes above. We went ahead catiously clambering over and around the boulders until we reached the summit of the moraine. To my astonishment the boulder field went on for miles ahead, what looked like an easy climb in the distance was now going to be a nightmare to traverse.

Again, onwards we went, after about an hour we were roughly half way to the snowline, however thick clouds were beginning to move up the valley – we had to head back and fast. We scrambled back to the end of the moraine and slid down the scree slope to a large glacial lake. Despite the clouds moving in we had to take a few photos of the water, the colour was simply mesmerising. We then headed back towards Thukla as the clouds slowly surrounded us and the visibility became progressively worse. In the end we had to rely on instinct and being aware of the general direction of the village. eventually we saw the green colour of the roof topping the main building – relief we made it back! literally 20 minutes before dark. Exhausted we hung up our boots and relaxed in the common room talking to other trekkers from around the globe.  Fantastic.

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