Himalayan trek to Everest Base Camp p8

Ice lined the insides of the windows as the condensation had frozen in the night. I go to grab my water bottle, that too has frozen, it’s bitterly cold in my room.

I arise from bed and notice that I am aching from head to toe, the past seven days trekking are beginning to take their toll. I eat some breakfast and ponder over the idea of taking a rest day..

Watching all the other – and some far older trekkers loading their backpacks ready for a days ascent helped my motivation and I decide to plough on. Afterall it’s only a 300m climb today! but when you consider the altitude (4700m) it feels more like 1000m.

After an hour of trekking I am finally warmed up as the strong sun beats down on my back, surrounded by snow covered mountains, the snowline now looks level with where I am stood – In a large memorial site to remember the courageous climbers that have perished on the unrelenting mountains in the Khumbu. I spend a little over half an hour reflecting, resting and admiring the still increasingly stunning views.

The next 5kms or so are fairly flat, following the Khumbu glacier that leads directly from Everest. I eventually arrive at Lobouche as the clouds roll in – snow flurries are forecast tonight, which isn’t surprising given the temperature.

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