Himalayan trek to Everest Base Camp p9

The forecast for the previous night was for snow flurries so when I awoke I took a glance out the window and was amazed to see blizzard like conditions outside.

Me and Doug relaxed next to a hot stove in the guesthouse common room. We saw a few trekkers putting on their boots and backpacks ready to brace the fierce weather outside. We pondered over the decision on whether we should attempt to trek to Gorak Shep. If the snow much deeper it would be unsafe to continue and I’d never get to see Mt Everest face to face.

The snow continued to fall relentlessly. We decided to stay put and to head to Gorak Shep the following day. We get talking to some other climbers who we find out are planning to ascend Ama Dablam (6812m) they agreed that we made the correct decision of staying put for the day. We were proven right when a few trekkers we saw earlier returned finding the route impassible.

The snowfall eventually slowed and the clouds began to part revealing some mesmerising views of the mountains, we head out and climb the Khumbu Glacier, only 100m but the top will surely reveal some amazing views..

This was indeed correct, Lhotse - the fourth highest mountain on Earth was looking majestic lit by the quickly descending sun. We could only stay for a short while as fog began to roll up the Khumbu valley quickly covering Lobuche making it a struggle to find our way back. We did the logical thing and followed our footsteps back to the village below. Tomorrow we shall attempt to trek to Gorak Shep, ascend Kalar Patthar (recently measured at 5644m) to finally see Mt Everest.

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