Himalayan trek to Everest Base Camp p3

Today was a ‘rest’ day – rest in inverted commas because that’s exactly what we didn’t do however, it was a damn sight easier than yesterday.


I awoke at dawn and took some early morning shots of the majestic snow covered mountain peaks and went to explore this magical mountain town. Here I stumbled upon a mountaineering outlet and bought a pair of much needed trekking poles setting me back 1400 Nepali rupees – almost a days budged but I figured it was a worthy investment.


I then walked back to the lodge and had some breakfast where Doug and I planned what to do with our day. We’d read about a hotel aptly named: The Everest View, which boasts a four star costing $120 a night. It resides above a disused landing strip high above Namche: 3900m. Incredible.


So off we went climbing briskly up the slope behind Namche - These trekking poles making light work of the ascent. Eventually we pass the airfield then after another 20 minutes of light climbing we reach the hotel where we attempt to sprint up the 30 or so steps they have leading to the entrance – Rocky style! Proof of the thin oxygen levels here – we were both gasping for breath as we walked into the foyer.

Coming out the other side of the hotel onto a balcony we catch our first glimpse of Ama Dablam, the most striking mountain in the Himilaya dominating far in the distance. We sit at a table and I order a Spaghetti carbonara. one word – Delicious.

What could be better eating one of my favourite meals with the best of the Himilaya to sit and gaze at? Oh and the warm sun making the temperature very pleasant. This was my first view of most beautiful looking mountain on the trek: Ama Dablam

We leave the hotel and descend to a hamlet called Khumjung where we spot one of the schools that Sir Edmund Hillaryfinanced. From here we decended further into Namche, as we arrived a dense fog rose from the valley and remained until nightfall. We went back to the lodge and sat drinking Lemon tea with a friend we’d met the previous nigbht who was fromCopenhagen, Denmark. He was descending from Everest Base Camp and he gave us lots of useful information that would prove invaluable for the days ahead.

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