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Today I awoke at 7:00 to get packed ready for my flight to lukla, after a short journey to the airport I was greeted by some Nepalis who offered to carry my rucksack to the terminal building. after a 2-3 minute walk we arrive and they demand a tip of $10. Extortionate. I tell them this is ridiculous and offer to pay 100 rupees ($1.20) and they demand more. Eventually I give in and hand over 200r and off I procede into the airport – I’ll remember in future to carry my own luggage at all times now.

After a two hour delay I board onto the smallest propellor powered plane that I’ve ever seen. just one seat either side of a central walkway and roughly 8-10 rows. We jet off into the mountains witnessing some of the most breathtaking scenery that I’ve ever seen.

I see the rather ominous looking runway for Lukla approaching, surely we cannot land on this, it looks tiny. Well we did, the landing itself wasn’t all that dramatic and we quickly disembarked and I proceed to collect my backpack, after telling half a dozen nepali sherpas / guides that I don’t require any assistance. I set off through the town, which lies at an altitude of 2850m – quite high for somewhere that unfortunately houses a Starbucks! However I am rather hungry so I decide stop off for a sandwich and some water. They also have free wifi – Brilliant.

I set off on the trail and quickly I’ve left Lukla I find myself hiking past yaks and sherpas who are carrying an unbelievable amount of supplies – these guys really do deserve a medal. Eventually I arrive at the village of Cheplung although time is pressing and I want to secure a room for the night so I plough on without a rest, The secenery here is like nothing I’ve seen before – it makes the British scenery look very mediocre. After an hour or so I pass the next village Thadokosi. As I leave I pass a steel suspension bridge that has a drop of 200m or so – and it shakes a lot! To the left of me are the remains of a previous suspension bridge that were destroyed a little more than two months ago by a devastating landslide that also wiped out half a village. (Ghat)

The next village on this trail is Phakding where I’ll be spending the night. There are a number of rather modern looking (Compared to Kathmandu) lodges all with internet and good restaurants. I decide to stay at the Khumbu Traveller’s Guest House where I get a room for 500r (£4)! provided I eat at their restaurant, where the prices are very resonable, especially considering all the food has to be carried in. I order a Yak steak and chips with some hot chocolate – I’ll enjoy the steak while I can, food will get more basic as I ascend the mountains further.

I bump into a guy called Doug, He’s from Flagstaff Arizona, he’s got the same itinery as I do so we decide to join forces for the trek. We sit and chat for a little while but as we’re both exhausted from a long day we retire for the night.

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